Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus Update 


  •  Bookings will be made online via the website and FB as usual, and card details will be taken by our secure booking partner Fresha at the time of booking for contactless payment - no monies will be taken until the day of your swim when we will take the money from the card used for your booking unless you wish to  use a different card or pay with cash.

  • Hand Gel will be available for humans to use at the pool

  • All common touch areas will be cleaned before and after each customer

  • Customers are to follow the latest government guidelines on the use of face coverings, social distancing and meeting those from outside of your household or support bubble

  • Times between appointments are increased to avoid meeting other customers, please, please, come at your appointment time +/- 5mins. If you're early please don't be offended if we ask you to wait away from the entrance of the building.

  • We will aim to maintain good social distancing practices throughout your visit although maintaining a constant 2m at all times cannot be guaranteed.

  • If you're using the NHS Track and Trace app, please scan the QR code poster in the hallway on arrival

  • If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not attend the pool - contact us to cancel your session and then rebook after a minimum of 10 days.


How do I book a swim session?

You can book directly using the swim description pages on our website pages or on our Facebook site using the "Book Now" button, both ways will take you to our secure third party booking system called Fresha.

Can I pay with a debit/credit card?

Yes you can, when you book your swim card details are taken by our third party secure booking service Fresha, but you will not be charged until the day of your swim. If you need to pay on the day by a different method, payments can be made with chip and pin, contactless or cash. 

Can I swim too?

Sure, we encourage all owners to swim with their dogs, new and nervous dogs will take confidence from you being in the water and experienced swimmers will enjoy playing with you in the pool. If you can't or don't want to get in the pool, we will swim the dog(s) for you, but there must be a human in the pool before the dog(s) is off lead.

Can children go in the pool?

Children aged 16 years and over are welcome to swim with the dogs but remain the responsibility of their parent(s) at all times.

What's the difference between a Meet & Treat and a Standard Swim?

The Meet & Treat is an introductory/assessment session for you and your furbaby(s) to come and meet us, try the pool and our facility, as well as a way of us knowing it's their first time at the pool. We discount the price of the Meet and Treat as not all dogs will get in to the pool on their first go and we don't want to rush them or make them have a bad experience. All dogs have a Meet & Treat as their first session and then they have Standard / Concession or Block Book Swims thereafter.

How do the dogs get in and out of the pool?

The pool is accessed by the dog(s) via ramps surfaced with GRP anti-slip FibreGrid both  of which are a 30 degree angle and engineered to take well over 150kg weight. Dogs may also be lifted over the side of the pool if suitable. Dogs must not be thrown in to the pool or dragged along either of the ramps due to the anti-slip coating.

And humans?

Humans can get in and out by ladder at the side of the pool with a weight limit of 130kg.

Do you have dryers/blasters?

We have a blaster in the drying area for customer use, or you can towel dry your dog and then use a drying coat or similar afterwards. We sell the rather excellent Ruff and Tumble dog drying coats for purchase, have a look at our online Shop HERE for more details or browse the coats while you're with us. NB Our staff will not use the blaster on customer's dogs, if customers wish their dog air dried they are responsible for doing this themselves and should use the available ear protection for their dog.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes! You will need a towel, dryer or drying coat for your dog(s), a towel, some dry clothes for you if you're swimming and your choice of payment.

Is the pool suitable for Giant Breeds?

We can accommodate giant breeds up to around 6 months old for fun swims depending on the breed, please contact us directly if you have a giant breed or a giant crossbreed.

What about multiple dogs?

We are happy to take multiple dogs for swim sessions within the confines of the pool, to a maximum of 3 dogs per session, for any more than this we would recommend a 1hr Pawty or Group Hire. Please consider the size of your dogs when booking, for example, to get the most from the session, we would only recommend a maximum of 2 adult male Labrador size dogs or up to 3 Springer/Terrier sized dogs at once for a 30 minute swim. If you're bringing 3 dogs at least one adult member of your party must be in the pool with our staff for safety, or the dogs will need to be rotated in to the pool.

Do you have life jackets for the dogs to use?

Yes we do, from XXS to XL, so Yorkie to Large Labrador/GSD/Rottweiler. Please advise us if you want your dog(s) to use one, although we will routinely use a life jacket for Meet and Treat sessions.

Can I take photographs or videos?

Absolutely! We welcome a copy of any photo's from owners and would ask you to tag us any photo's or videos posted on social media. We will always seek permission to take and use photo's or video's ourselves.

Do you have a shower for the dogs?

Yes we do. All dogs are offered a warm shower after swimming to wash away any pool water assuming they are not distressed in the shower as we don't want to end the session with a negative experience for them.

And what about the humans?

Sorry no, you'll have to wait until you get home!

Where exactly are you?

From Moreton Cross, proceed along Pasture Road towards Moreton Shore and we are on the left side of the road at the traffic lights just before Moreton Rail Station, next to Pro Plumbing Supplies.


From Moreton Shore, proceed along Pasture Road towards Moreton Cross and we are on the right side of the road, just after Moreton Rail Station, next to Pro Plumbing Supplies.

Do you have any parking available?

We certainly do. There is a large private car park for you to use if arriving by car.

What are your opening hours?

We have different opening hours depending on the day to accommodate late and weekend sessions. Our live booking system has up to the minute availability for our swim sessions, please book ahead in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.


From 21/6/21 our opening days and times are;

  • Monday 11am - 7pm

  • Tuesday 12pm - 8pm

  • Wednesday 12pm - 8pm

  • Thursday - Closed

  • Friday 10am-6pm

  • Saturday 10am - 6pm

  • Sunday 10am - 6pm


Does my dog need permission from my vet to swim?

We only need vet authority for your dog(s) to swim if they have certain injuries or health conditions. If you're unsure, please contact us directly with any specific questions and we'll advise you if they need a form.

Does my dog need vaccination or titre tests?

Not if you are having private sessions, no, however, we would always recommend them.

Is there any chlorine in the water?

We use Bromine, UV light and none chlorinated chemicals to sanitise the pool daily to ensure both hygiene and comfort, although we may 'shock' the pool a few times a year with non-stabilised chlorine. The chemical levels are measured and recorded regularly every day.

How much are the sessions?

See the information on each swim page for full details (links below)