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Frequently Asked Questions

​If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not attend the pool.


How do I book a swim session?

You can book directly using the swim description pages on our website pages or on our Facebook site using the "Book Now" button, both ways will take you to our secure third party booking system called Fresha. Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking

Can I pay with a debit/credit card?

Yes you can, when you book your swim your payment will be processed by our booking partner, Fresha. You will pay a 100% non-refundable deposit for your swim session when booking. You can  reschedule your session in the future if you need to with 24 hours notice prior to the time of your swim session, however, if you cancel your session or don't reschedule with 24 hours notice you will lose your deposit. If you need help with scheduling appointments, please drop us a message via email or our socials as we can't always answer the phone.

Can I swim too?

Sure, we encourage all adult owners to swim with their dogs, new and nervous dogs will take confidence from you being in the water (as long as you yourself are not feeling anxious)and experienced swimmers will enjoy playing with you in the pool. If you can't or don't want to get in the pool, we will swim the dog(s) for you, but there must be a human in the pool before the dog(s) is off lead.

Can children go in the pool?

No, sorry. Due to insurance restrictions only adults are allowed in the pool.

What's the difference between an Introductory and a Standard Swim?

The introductory swim is an assessment session for you and your furbaby(s) to come and meet us, try the pool and our facility, as well as a way of us knowing it's their first time at the pool. We discount the price of the intro swims as not all dogs will get in to the pool on their first go and we don't want to rush them or make them have a bad experience. All dogs have an introductory swim as their first session and then they have Standard / Concession or Block Book Swims thereafter.

How do the dogs get in and out of the pool?

The pool is accessed by the dog(s) via ramps surfaced with GRP anti-slip FibreGrid both  of which are a 30 degree angle and engineered to take well over 150kg weight. Dogs may also be lifted over the side of the pool if suitable. Dogs must not be thrown in to the pool or dragged along either of the ramps due to the anti-slip coating.

And humans?

Humans can get in and out by using the ramp or we can put a ladder at the side of the pool with a weight limit of 130kg.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes! You will need a towel or drying coat for your dog(s), as well as a towel and  some dry clothes for you if you're swimming

Is the pool suitable for Giant Breeds?

We can accommodate giant breeds up to around 6 months old for fun swims depending on the breed, please contact us directly before booking if you have a giant breed or a giant crossbreed.

What about multiple dogs?

We are happy to take multiple dogs for swim sessions within the confines of the pool, to a maximum of 3 dogs per session, for any more than this we would recommend a 1hr Pawty or Group Hire. Please consider the size of your dogs when booking, for example, to get the most from the session, we would only recommend a maximum of 2 adult male Labrador size dogs or up to 3 Springer/Terrier sized dogs at once for a 30 minute swim. If you're bringing 3 dogs at least one adult member of your party must be in the pool with our staff for safety, or the dogs will need to be rotated in to the pool.

Do you have life jackets for the dogs to use?

Yes we do, from XXXS to XL, so Yorkie puppy to Large Labrador/GSD/Rottweiler. Please advise us if you want your dog(s) to use one, although we will routinely use a life jacket for introductory sessions.

Can I take photographs or videos?

Absolutely! We welcome a copy of any photo's from owners and would ask you to tag us any photo's or videos posted on social media. We will always seek permission to take and use photo's or video's ourselves.

Do you have a shower for the dogs?

Yes we do. All dogs are offered a warm shower after swimming to wash away any pool water assuming they are not distressed in the shower as we don't want to end the session with a negative experience for them.

And what about the humans?

Sorry no, you'll have to wait until you get home!

Where exactly are you?

We are on the Croft Industrial Estate in Bromborough, Unit 12 on Carrock Road, CH62 3RA

Our What 3 Words address is sting.finger.plant

Do you have any parking available?

We certainly do. There are parking spaces outside the building for you to use if arriving by car.

What are your opening hours?

We have different opening hours depending on the day to accommodate late and weekend sessions. Our live booking system has up to the minute availability for our swim sessions, please book ahead in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.


Our opening days and times are;

  • Monday Closed

  • Tuesday - Friday  11pm - 7pm

  • Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm


Does my dog need permission from my vet to swim?

We only need vet authority for your dog(s) to swim if they have certain injuries or health conditions. If you're unsure, please contact us directly with any specific questions and we'll advise you if they need a form.

Does my dog need vaccination or titre tests?

Not if you are having private sessions, no, however, we would always recommend them.

How much are the sessions?

See the information on each swim page for full details (links below)

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