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About Us

Welcome to Doggy Paddle! 

Swimming can be a wonderful way to have fun with your fur baby while improving their fitness levels. It's a safe way to have water fun with your dogs and family. It allows you to ensure your doggy friend will be safe in water knowing they've learnt to swim in a controlled environment. Our pool is indoors, meaning its not affected by outside conditions and weather, so can run all year round. The other awesome opportunity it gives, is allowing you to swim and play with your dog while improving their confidence around the water. Offering one to ones, private hire, plus a host of other exciting things as we grow. 


Take a look around the site and check out our FAQs if you have any queries. 

Your Dog’s first swimming session

Doggy Paddle offers a professional friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere.

We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with what to expect when you first arrive for your dog’s session. Our aim is to make your experience with us as relaxed and stress free as possible for both you and your dog.


Buoyancy aids are available for all new, nervous and older dogs, please advise us if your dog is an experienced and strong swimmer and you don't want them to use one. We will usually accompany your dog in the pool and will likely handle them initially until we decide between us that it's time for you to take over, or for them - and you, to have fun by yourselves, with us just being there in case you need us.

Sessions last no less than 30 minutes with your dog being in the pool, and hopefully swimming, for 20 minutes or so. The rest of the time is allocated for pre-swim preparation and post swim showering and drying for your dog, and changing in to dry clothing for you if you've been in the pool.

Before the swim

Please do not feed your dog within 2 hours before attending to reduce the chances of fouling the pool, and 2 hours after your session to reduce the chances of Bloat.

Before coming for your dogs session, please ensure you allow your dog time to go to the toilet.


​Although accidents in the pool are very infrequent, they do occur from time to time. Should your dog have an accident in our pool we have to charge £50 as we usually have to close the pool for 8 hours afterwards to ensure the pool is cleaned sufficiently.

Swimming with your Dog

We allow and encourage you to come in and swim with your dog.

We have a changing area that you are welcome to use and you may swim in whatever clothing you feel comfortable in. After your swimming session you will be directed to the shower and drying area where you can get dry and dry your dog’s off. Owners are responsible for drying their own dog so please bring towels for yourself and your dog.

All sessions run consecutively so we have to make sure that we start and finish the session promptly at the pre-booked time.

Unfortunately, late arrivals will lose part of their appointment if the following appointment is booked.

Owners are invited to get involved in the session and should be prepared to get WET!! 


Doggy Paddle operates a 16ft x 8ft exercise pool which is 4ft deep. Our pool is sanitised daily, then filtered to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and finally further treated with Ultraviolet light to manage microbial bacteria. The water is tested regularly in the day to ensure the chemical balances are maintained at the correct levels.  Chemical test results are recorded daily and monthly bacterial tests are carried out and recorded.

The water is heated to an optimal temperature to increase blood flow and lymphatic return, and decrease pain and swelling in dogs with joint problems. The building temperature is a little cooler than that of the pool to prevent overheating after exercise so please dress appropriately in the colder months if you're not swimming.


Children aged 16 years and over are welcome to swim with the dogs, all children remain the responsibility of their parent(s) at all times.

Life jacket/buoyancy aids will be available for your dog to use prior to entering the pool area at the discretion of the owner.

Dogs will enter and exit the pool via an external/internal ramp or be lifted over the side if suitable.

Like the floor around ALL swimming pools you can expect our floor to be slippery when wet so please be careful while walking about if the floor has water on it. Please wear appropriate footwear while in the building.


There are many benefits to taking your dog swimming.  Whether you are looking to build your dogs overall fitness levels, allow gentle exercise with joint problems or simply enjoy some quality time with your canine companion, we provide the ideal space to enjoy a swim with your dog at Doggy Paddle.


Swimming is an ideal form of exercise for many dogs of all sizes because it is low impact on bones and joints. We have found that our clients have seen the following benefits:

  • Learn to swim

  • Weight Loss

  • Low or No Impact Exercise

  • Muscle Conditioning

  • Mental and physical stimulation

  • Correction of behavioural problems due to boredom / excess energy

  • Relief from stiffness / arthritis / joint problems

  • General well being

  • Increased Stamina

  • Fun and Fitness

  • Confidence

  • Bond with your Dog


Remember, a 5 minute swim at Doggy Paddle is the equivalent metabolic exercise to a 20 minute run!

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