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Introductory Swims

Introductory session for your dog to try our heated pool for the first time. These sessions are open to dogs of all ages.

The Meet & Greet is a private swim session for you and your dog, includes a rinse in the shower  after swimming. 

We ask that an introductory session be the first swim session you book, so that between us, we can assess your dog(s) in and around the pool.

Owners are encouraged to get into the pool too to help with the dogs confidence (18 years + only in the pool) as they will take confidence from their owner being in the pool even if they're not handling them initially.

Life jackets are available for all dogs (if they have their own, please bring it along) and will usually be used for these sessions unless the dog is an experienced, strong swimmer.

Please bring a towel for your dog and yourself.

To book, please use the BOOK YOUR SWIM link at the bottom of this page. Please also complete a registration form for each dog prior to arrival (link below). A vet form is usually only required in cases of heart, lung or neurological disease, or recent surgery. If you think your dog may need a vet form please contact us to discuss. Please take the time to view our Terms and Conditions prior to booking


Some pups don't take to water straight away so even if your little one doesn't become a water baby after the first session, try again with a second session and you'll be surprised how much better they are second time around when they are more familiar with the surroundings. If, however, after they have had a few sessions and we decide between us its still not for them, that's no problem at all.


Maximum of 2 dogs per session.

Price: Meet & Greet 1 dog £17, 2 dogs £25.


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