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Ruff and Tumble drying coats and accessories

Ruff and Tumble Drying Coats have many detailed design features, making them effective at drying, comfortable to wear and stylish too.


They are made from the best quality cotton towelling from Turkey. Unlike man-made fabrics, towelling breathes, and is much more comfortable and efficient at drying. Another major difference about their Drying Coats is that they use two layers of towelling. This is key because the under-layer wicks away the moisture from the dog’s fur. The body heat then pushes the moisture through to the outer layer of the coat, thus ensuring that the dog does not sit in a damp towel. The dog dries first, followed by the coat which dries itself from the inside out whilst being worn. 


This makes the Ruff And Tumble Drying coat more effective at drying than single layered coats. They use Velcro for fastening because it's quicker and easier to use, as well as being more comfortable for the dog than straps or a tie around the middle. There is a lot of tailoring in their coats too: clever darts and tucks ensure the coat fits snugly like a proper dressing gown.


A very popular detail is the thick collar which folds up into a hoody and dries the ears and head. The final unique difference is the very wide belly flap. The underside is the dirtiest and wettest area, so they designed the belly flap to be generous for maximum effectiveness.

We stock the classic drying coat, drying mitts and leads at our pool for you to see, touch, feel and even try on, however, we're able to order from the full catalogue of Ruff and Tumble wear if you see something on their WEBSITE that takes your fancy - we're cheaper than retail too!


Next time you come to the pool for a swim, let us know if you want your doggo to try on any of the coats for size and fit, then if you'd like to order one we will send it directly to your home via DPD.


Even better, we only charge flat rate postage so if you order additional items, for example any leads, drying mitts or even a second coat there are no additional P&P charges!

Click HERE for the Ruff and Tumble dog coat sizing guide and browse our images below for colours

Click HERE for our price list

To order your coat without visiting our pool, make a note of the type, size and colour of the coat/lead or the colour of drying mitts and contact us by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email or telephone and we'll take your order :)

Husse Pet Foods and accessories

Husse  (pronounced "hoo-say") is a global brand which was established in 1987. Husse produces and sells a wide range of affordable premium pet foods, accessories, health and hygiene products for cats  and dogs , and care supplements for horses .

Dogs love the taste of Husse's unique Scandinavian recipes, which provide your dog with something different and superior to the great majority of the mass-marketed brands.. Husse's super-premium dog foods are made from all natural ingredients, with Nutraceutical components to help increase your pets longevity and help protect them against life threatening illnesses.


Their wide range of complete pet foods are produced from independently verified human grade ingredients. They have a 100% honest and sincere label policy providing their customers with complete confidence and reassurance.

All Husse dry foods are rich in the key nutritional elements of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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