Club 12

Special sessions in the Summer for pups and young dogs up to 12 months old that weight 12kg or less.


These sessions are for well socialised dogs to come and play along with other dogs in and around the pool - entire males are welcome to these sessions, however, any dog showing aggression will be asked to leave the session to avoid any distress to all dogs present.


Owners are encouraged to swim with their dogs as always (children over 16 years only in the pool), but to facilitate that there will need to be another owner outside of the pool also for each dog to supervise them playing with the other dogs when not in the pool. If you're bringing your pup alone, a member of the DP team with be in the water with them.

During these sessions all dogs are off lead in the pool room and it gets very lively and noisy, so if you're dog has a shy or nervous disposition please consider this before bringing them.

To book a Club 12 session, your dog must have at least had an introductory swim with us and achieved a level of confidence in the water, the DP team will advise you of their suitability for these group sessions.

Life jackets are available for all dogs (if they have their own, please bring it along).

We have a blaster if you wish to use it, if not, please bring a towel for your dog and yourself.

To book, please call or message us as these sessions are not bookable online at present.


Maximum 4 dogs per session unless by prior arrangement.

Price: £10 per dog